is an initiative by Martin de Boer to create a website with the main purpose to help people discover openSUSE and the great open source applications that are available on this Linux distribution. This website will be used to cover:
  • How-to articles on openSUSE and open source applications
  • Discussions on / celebrations of new openSUSE releases
  • The development of / changes to the website
Martin de Boer is an IT Architect with 10 years of experience in the ICT industry. Martin loves to learn about ICT technological advancements and is particularly interested in open source software developments. This software is (for a large part) developed and given away for free. Similar to sharing knowledge, sharing open source software doesn’t diminish its value, but instead increases it. This puts advanced ICT technology in the hands of everyone who dares to deep dive and learn. is a private initiative and is not related to the openSUSE project or -organization in any way. This website is not related to any other organization.