Installing Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.9 on openSUSE Leap 15

Installing Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.9 on openSUSE Leap 15

Have you noticed? After installing Rapid Photo Downloader from the openSUSE repositories, it doesn’t launch. As indicated in an earlier blog post, this program is really great to download your photo’s into the right folders in one go. Version 0.9.9 is a big overhaul for this application. If you want to use it right now, you need to install it using these instructions.


The first thing to do is to install, then remove Rapid Photo Downloader using YaST. Why install a program and remove it the next moment? Because this ensures that you have 99% of the package dependencies installed, that are needed to run the application. There are 2 more software packages that you need to install:

  • python3-wheel
  • intltool

The second step is to go to the Rapid Photo Downloader website and download the install script. If you haven’t changed the Firefox download settings, this should end up in your Downloads folder.

Open your favorite terminal application (Konsole) and run the command to go to your Downloads folder. Replace “name” with your username:

cd /home/name/Downloads

After that, run the command:


In the end, you will be asked for your root password. Enter it and the installation will finish.

To be able to launch the application from the application launcher, you need to adjust the launch command. Go to the application launcher and right-click on the openSUSE logo (context menu) and choose “Edit applications…”

Go to the Graphics section, click on Rapid Photo Downloader and change the command. Replace “name” with your username:


Click on the Save button and close the KDE Menu Editor.

For everyone who hasn’t installed the openSUSE drivers for exFAT yet, this might be needed to read your SD card. So if you notice that Dolphin cannot mount your SD card, try installing:

  • exfat-utils


The look and feel of Rapid Photo Downloader has changed dramatically compared to the previous (0.4.3) version.

This means that you need to configure the application to your liking. This includes:

  • Choosing the main folder for your photo’s and configuring the sub-folder creation logic
  • Configuring the photo renaming logic
  • Choosing the main folder for your videos and configuring the sub-folder creation logic
  • Configuring the video renaming logic

In my previous blog post, I have showed the way that I have setup my folder creation and renaming logic. Because of the large changes to the application, I will display my configuration for Rapid Photo Downloader version 0.9.9 here as well.

The only thing remaining is to use the application to download your photo’s. Select the photos that you want to download and click the checkbox in the lower left corner of the bottom picture to select them. Finally click on the large blue button “Download ## Photos” on the top right of the application. Now Rapid Photo Downloader will auto-magically download all photos to your openSUSE computer… exactly how you want it.

Published on: 19 July 2018

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