The start of an adventure!

The start of an adventure!

I have been a long fan and user of openSUSE. This started in 2009, when I first got a job in ICT and thought that it was a good time to switch to Linux. openSUSE was my choice because a German Linux distribution had a feeling of high quality (like German cars). In the following years I learned to love all the technical decisions that were made by the openSUSE project. I started to learn more and more about Linux and Open Source software. I visited events such as FOSDEM, I watch openSUSE videos on Youtube and in 2015 I went to the openSUSE conference in Den Haag, the Netherlands.

  • I have always wondered how I could contribute back. I knew that it would be a contribution to openSUSE.
  • I have always wanted to create my own website, but I did not have a good idea what to do with it.

Sometimes I help my family members by giving them instructions on how to do things with their openSUSE systems. Like changing wallpapers, using Rapid Photo Downloader, using Darktable, using Kdenlive, et cetera. And I make LibreOffice documents with screenshots and instructions on how to do things. I always wondered why there are so many resources about Ubuntu and not about openSUSE. There are some helpful pages on, but lots of them are dated. And most of the time, really basic things do not get addressed. Like how to change a wallpaper. So this is where I have gotten my idea to start a website about openSUSE. I want it to be a website that I can update every week or so. With small articles on how to do things. I will also use it to discuss/celebrate new releases. This way I can help people to discover openSUSE and the great open source applications that are out there.

Published on: 26 February 2018

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